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(For Film & TV) 2023-2024

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The Moving Body Arts’ Intimacy Coordinator Certification Programme is an in-depth training for intimacy coordinators working in film & television. The programme is a SAG-AFTRA accredited training which combines blended learning of online and in-person sessions, mentoring, on set experience, independent study and evaluation.

Designed and delivered by leading intimacy coordinators Enric Ortuno and Yarit Dor, its staff also includes guest practitioners and intimacy coordinators.

The programme’s units of study cover the role at all stages of production and follow SAG-AFTRA and Bectu union’s guidance on content. 

Programme Structure

A part-time programme with a single application process. The course has four main components made out of units/modules. 

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The training stretches over a one-year period starting October 1, 2023 until September 30, 2024. 

Overall estimated study hours: 400 hours. 

(The training may be completed earlier but no later than the stated date)

Training Components


A combination of online sessions, in-person intensive and external learning. Studies include individual, partner and group work. 


Time to share enquiry, reflect and get further insight from a mentor. 


Apply your learning and develop your own practice in this growing, innovative field. 


Engage in independent study, reflect on your work, self-evaluate your strengths and areas of improvement, receive further feedback and evaluation.   



Enric Ortuno & Yarit Dor

Both long standing UK & EU lead ICs with more than 200 hours of on set experience & higher education teaching CV. They both worked as ICs in Italy 2019-2022. 


Professional ICs: Tigger Blaize, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Adelaide Waldrop. 


Newer ICs or recent graduates: Rufai Ajala, Tommy Ross Williams, El Wood. 


For specialist subjects

Learning & Teaching Methods
  • Blended learning: online & in-person

  • Tutor led learning

  • Student led learning 

  • Full class discussions and exercises

  • Independent, partner and small group exercises

  • Reflective practice: working journal  

  • Pre-requisite learning before certain units of study

  • Assignments

  • Tutor and peer led feedback

  • Mentor - mentee learning

  • Professional experience through on set experience hours

  • Assessment: independent study, written research, portfolio assessment and proof of on set & mentoring hours. 

Number of Places

13 places only. 

Programme Fees 

Programme Tuition: £6,250

The above excludes:

- The Intimacy Coordinator's Kit

- External Learning Courses required before Mentoring and On Set Experience Components.

For an indicative list of fees, go to the Programme Information button at the end of the page. 


Successful students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a Certificate Supplement by Moving Body Arts.


The programme is accredited by SAG-AFTRA and graduates will be able to apply to the SAG-AFTRA Pre-Registry on completion.

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Prime Video Italy Scholarship 

(in collaboration with Intimacy Coordination Italia)

8 partially funded scholarships open to Italian residents.

Application via Moving Body Arts.

Scholarship covers 73.3% of Programme Tuition.

ScreenSkills High-end TV Fund (Wales) 

2 fully funded scholarships open to residents of Wales.

Application via Moving Body Arts. 

Scholarship covers 100% of Programme Tuition, external learning and kit.

Moving Body Arts' Diversity & Inclusion Bursary 

To continue our desire to support the training of underrepresented individuals, we are offering a study bursary. Bursary covers 40% of Programme Tuition. 

Resources & Databases For External Funding (UK) Check the Funding Guidance below. 

Application Process 

Please read the Application Guidance:

Application Deadline: 

Applications for this programme are CLOSED.

For future workshops see our Open Workshops page. For future certification course subscribe to our email list or follow us on social media. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Contacting Us

Please read the FAQs before contacting us.

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