Moving Body Arts Ltd was first launched in 2014/2015 (under the name "Moving Playground") as a service and training provider for the entertainment industry in the UK. After a reboot in late 2019, we continue to focus on the broader spectrum of movement disciplines for performance:

Fight Direction & Stage Combat Training

Intimacy Direction For The Stage

Intimacy Coordination For The Screen

Movement Direction & Choreography


Safe Space 

We believe in safe spaces that are creative, diverse and inclusive.

For us, a Safe Space is where we can speak, be heard, listen, enquire, explore, offer empathy and accept responsibility & accountability.

Inclusivity and Anti-Racism

We want to help create a culture and environment in which everyone’s experience in our industry is equal, inclusive and equitable.

Raising Awareness & Allyship

We strive to continuously learn new ways & tools to help challenge and eradicate systems and structures that have affirmed, perpetuated or supported inequalities and inequities in our industries.

Integration of movement practices

We value all styles of movement disciplines for performance. Our goal is to integrate contemporary movement practices to better support a

performer-focused skillset.

Fostering Exchange of Knowledge & Growth  

Through our workshops, training, mentorship scheme and work with educational institutions we wish to foster learning, growth & exchange of knowledge with people in our industries.

Upholding Professional Standards & Supporting Individual Development

Our team strives to stay up-to-date with the latest movement practices used currently in our industry. We engage in continuous training to enrich our development, expand personal practice and support exchange of knowledge within the team as a whole.


  1. As a professional company and community we recognise our responsibility not only to learn and grow, but also to contribute artistic work and education programmes that illuminate and challenge the many ways in which conscious and unconscious bias, racism and oppression operate, and proactively work towards their eradication.

  2. The proposed eradication will extend throughout the company, with particular attention to our culture, values, processes of recruitment, appointment, mentoring, succession planning, and support of and engagement with people.

  3. We will try our best to diversify our pool of freelance professionals and mentees with particular attention to ethnic minorities, asian and black representation.

  4. We will try our best to support and include equal gender representation in our pool of freelance practitioners and mentees. 

  5. We will identify necessary actions to make positive change towards creating an anti-racist, gender-varied, pro-equality industry.

  6. We will pursue stated actions vigorously, led by the Co-Directors having oversight of and accountability for the progress made on identified improvements and actions based upon our shared values.

These organisational commitments are of profound significance and we are committed to advocating and promoting change in our industry. 


We are members of / trained by / support these organisations:


Intimacy Directors & Coordinators


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