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Moving Body Arts' Intimacy Coordinators follow four main objectives of the role:


We oversee consent and support the cast and crew during prep and shooting of intimacy scenes. We form a part of the production's overall duty of care. ​


We liaise with the artists, director and departments about their requirements. This also may involve consulting on, budgeting and purchasing equipment and specific modesty garments for simulated sex and/or nudity moments. ​


We collaborate with the director, DOP/DP and artists to create, facilitate & choreograph intimacy which serves the story and vision of the production.


We recommend certain health & safety measures on set which can lower the impact on crew and cast during shooting of intimate scenes. This can include overseeing closed set protocols, creating scene content notices, consent forms/nudity waivers or riders as well as using safety movement concepts when creating choreography.


Essential: nudity, semi-nudity, simulated sex, simulated sexual assault *, sexual manipulation, making-out, groping, mouth-to-mouth kissing, kissing on the body, insinuation of sexual activity, contact with chest or genitals (or insinuation of it), use of prosthetic genitalia, use of merkins or sex props and hyper-exposed** scenes.  


Recommended: insinuation of nudity (where artist is fully covered), simulated orgasm or sounds of sexual activity, and other intimacy moments that the performer/director/producer wish to have support for. 

* Violent scenes with an intimate nature, such as simulated sexual assault, require the presence of a Stunt Coordinator (to choreograph the staged violence) and an Intimacy Coordinator (to choreograph the simulated intimate action and to oversee continued consent).  


** Hyper-exposed or highly sensitive scenes can be scenes that include sensitive language or topics, for example: scenes with derogatory language, portrayal of topics relating to generational trauma, sexual trauma, discuss race and gender in a form that might make the cast or crew uncomfortable or triggered. An Intimacy Coordinator is only a mental health first aider, not a professional therapist. Therefore, we highly recommend that a production hires a wellness facilitator that is a registered psychotherapist to offer professional support in prep and on set. Our partner Solas Mind can provide such services and consultation. 


We provide the production with our specific guidelines & method of work documents as part of our service. For more information contact us.

Moving Body Arts sees the most recent SAG-AFTRA July 2020 guidance as best practice and bases its guidelines on the current worldwide practice as well as UK based practice. For information on SAG-AFTRA's documentation click here.

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