MOVING BODY ARTS has created an in-depth 'Guidelines & Method Of Work' for all of our services: fight direction, intimacy direction, movement direction and intimacy coordination. These will be available to the employer as part of our service and modified to fit the production so information not only follows industry protocols but also fits with the practice of your creative team and cast.

We follow industry protocols promoted by UK based unions and trade organisations: 

Equity UK,  Bectu's Intimacy Coordinators Branch and Directors UK.

We also maintain an ongoing awareness of worldwide unions such as SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA etc.

The fundamental aims of our guidelines are:

safety framework

To follow industry protocols and include a Safety Framework suitable to the production's needs.  

method of Practice

To integrate our expertise with that of the creative team and cast. We aim to  find a method of working that allows creativity, collaboration and safety.