Intimacy Coordination Mentoring Scheme For Under-represented Groups (UK)

Recipient of the Film & TV Charity Community Grant

Supported by ScreenSkills Mentoring Programme

To help diversify the UK's intimacy coordinators community we are super excited to announce the first ever fully funded mentoring opportunity open to those from under-represented groups.

Organised and led by Intimacy Coordinator Yarit Dor and guest ICs, spaces will be limited to 4 individuals in order to offer focused support. 

What is an intimacy coordinator? 

A movement specialist which oversees consent and choreographs moments of intimate action on set. They collaborate with the director, cast, DP and other departments in order to aid visual storytelling and safety. For more information on intimacy coordination click here

What is mentoring? How will the scheme be structured?

  • Four selected Mentees will have shared mentoring meetings with an experienced intimacy coordinator. 

Since intimacy coordination is a new role in our industry the meetings will include mentor led subjects and discussions which may at times incorporate taught components. Meeting will also include mentee led enquiries/discussions/subjects. 

  • Between meetings the mentee will be expected to engage in independent study, share their findings and bring enquiries to their next meeting. 

  • Yarit will be working with ScreenSkills Mentoring Department to incorporate some of their mentoring structures and sessions into the scheme. 

  • Places are fully funded by the Film & TV Charity Community Grant. 

  • For more general information on mentoring or mentor/mentee relationship click here

What will the scheme cover?

The scheme will follow a series of Mentoring Meetings in which the mentees will engage, discuss and learn various subjects, topics and work based scenarios covering the broad scope of the intimacy coordinator's role from pre-production, shoot day and post shoot day. A mentor-mentee relationship is one of mutual growth and support. One of our aims is to help the mentees gain more in-depth industry understanding and tools as future Freelance Intimacy Coordinators.

We greatly value on set experience however shadowing or assisting on set will not officially be a part of this scheme. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the role, bringing a trainee on set is dependent on the consent of productions and their performers. In addition, due to Covid-19 close cohort bubbles are kept to a minimum which may not always allow an Intimacy Coordinator Trainee on set. 

How will it be delivered and how long is the scheme? 

The first segment of the mentoring scheme will be delivered through weekly online meetings using a video conferencing platform. The second segment of the scheme will be facilitated through in-person practice meetings (following COVID-19 protocols). 

Overall we expect it to be a length of 5 - 6 months commencing in early November 2020. Dates and times will be discussed with successful applicants. 

What will not be included?

  • Intimacy coordination specific health & safety concepts will be discussed and practiced as part of the scheme. However any health & safety certificates (such as Mental Health First Aid) and/or leadership skills CPDs that support this role, and may be required by your employer, will need to be attained by the mentee in their own time and professional journey. 

  • As mentioned in the former section shadowing or assisting is not officially included in the scheme. 

  • The mentor (or Moving Body Arts) will not secure or promise the mentee a job at the end of the mentoring relationship.

What are the requirements to apply? 

Essential - CV, credits and/or experience should demonstrate the following:

  1. This scheme was created to help diversify the UK's intimacy coordination community in the hope of starting a new journey towards equity, diversity and inclusivity. It is open to those that identify themselves as under-represented.

  2. Be a UK Resident. 

  3. Aimed at those in their Early or Experienced career stages as defined by Screen Skills UK. To know where you are at and if you can apply under those definitions click here.

  4. Professionals that have experience working on set with actors and directors. 

  5. Screen Skills members (membership is free - click here). 

  6. Can demonstrate pre-existing movement coaching skills or understanding of basic anatomy and biomechanics. This may include experience and instruction of:

Movement Coaching for Performers

Stunts / Fight Choreography

Dance Choreography 

Acting Coach 

Vocal Coach 

Intimacy Choreography

Desirable - not mandatory but helpful:

Experience in directing or acting for screen

Experience working closely with actors on set such as: costume department, camera department, sound department

Experience in teaching sex education

Experience in bodywork/body based therapeutics

Experience working as a therapist or facilitating restorative processes

Experience in facilitation, coaching or teaching 

What is the application process? 

Deadline was 22nd October, applications are now closed.  

Interviews: week commencing 26th October 2020

Successful applicants will be notified week commencing 2nd November

Will I be notified if my application has not been accepted? 

If you have not been contacted to arrange an interview then your application has been unsuccessful. We apologise, it may not be possible for us to give personal, specific feedback on applications. 

For questions on information not covered in this page, contact:

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