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Main Responsibilities of an Intimacy Director:


For the safety of performers, creatives, SM team and technical crew during the creation of scenes which include intimate action.


With the director and actors to explore intimacy engrained in the play and in the characters' journey. 


Intimacy choreography is a specialism and has its own techniques: from movement analysis and masking to modesty garments, communication methods and advocacy in action. We support performers by aiding to create consensual choreography that empowers the storytelling and encourages sustainable performance especially if a show has a long run. 


An Intimacy Director can, not only be involved in the rehearsals, but also support other theatre departments. For example: 

- Front of House & Theatre: we can offer protocols for front of house and ushers if a show includes sensitive material which may trigger audience members. 

- Marketing Department: we can assist with ways to give content notices and support information packs, also ways to reduce cyber bullying of actors if a show has sensitive material. 

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