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Workshops & Courses

Tuesdays 18:00-21:00, 17/9/19-19/11/19

Tutors: Yarit Dor & Enric Ortuno

Open to all performers and industry professionals wanting certification skills in performance of Unarmed on stage & screen. 

BASSC Unarmed Certification Course 

Weekend 17-18/8/19

Tutor: Yarit Dor & IDI-UK Apprentice

Workshop run by the BASSC during their summer workshop. Open to those with prior Unarmed Combat certification. 

An introduction to intimacy concepts, principles and practices specifically designed for those performing stage combat. The workshop will equip Actor-Combatants to confidently deal with moments of intimacy within a violent scene setting particular to Fight Tests. Topics will include: consent, intimacy guidelines for performers, intimacy work on scenes, ways to perform intimate violence and more. Please Note: this is not a certification workshop. 

Introduction to Intimacy for Actor-Combatants

Saturday 20/7/19

Leaders: IDI-UK Founders

IDI-UK's Lad for certified Intimacy Coordinators, Intimacy Directors and Apprentices. 

IDI-UK's Share & Learn Lab

  • fight choreography

  • stage combat

  • movement

  • actor training

  • Intimacy