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Workshops & Courses

Tuesdays 18:00-21:00, 17/9/19-19/11/19

Tutors: Yarit Dor & Enric Ortuno

BASSC Unarmed Certification Course 

Open to all performers and industry professionals wanting certification skills in performance of Unarmed on stage & screen. 

Weekend 17-18/8/19

Tutor: Yarit Dor & IDI-UK Apprentice

Workshop run by the BASSC during their summer workshop. Open to those with prior Unarmed Combat certification. 

Introduction to Intimacy for Actor-Combatants

An introduction to intimacy concepts, principles and practices specifically designed for those performing stage combat. The workshop will equip Actor-Combatants to confidently deal with moments of intimacy within a violent scene setting particular to Fight Tests. Topics will include: consent, intimacy guidelines for performers, intimacy work on scenes, ways to perform intimate violence and more. Please Note: this is not a certification workshop. 

Saturday 20/7/19

Leaders: IDI-UK Founders

IDI-UK's Share & Learn Lab

IDI-UK's Lad for certified Intimacy Coordinators, Intimacy Directors and Apprentices. 

  • fight choreography

  • stage combat

  • movement

  • actor training

  • Intimacy