These workshops are focused on building an in-depth understanding and practice of a specific skillset. Aimed at those that wish to enrich a particular discipline for stage or screen.


These workshops integrate various creative disciplines and research in order to interweave current practices. We try and make these accessible to movement practitioners as well as directors, producers, performers and academics from the wider theatre and screen communities.  

Integration Workshops

  • Tudor Costume & Staging Movement: fights, intimacy and characterization
    Sun, Jan 31
    Jan 31, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT
    Join Costume Designer Shoni Wilkinson and Movement Practitioner Yarit Dor for a webinar looking at Tudor costume and what tools are at our disposal when approaching staging intimacy, fights and character movement.
  • Safety Framework: Staging & Managing Intimacy, Fights and Movement
    Sat, Feb 27
    Feb 27, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT
    Introductory workshop to safe & ethical practices for staging and managing fights, intimacy and movement in live performance. Aimed for directors, stage managers, producers and for fight directors, movement directors and intimacy directors.

Skills Workshops

  • TBD
    BASSC Certification Stage Combat Courses
    Location is TBD
  • Love, Passion and Intimacy - RADA Winter Shorts
    RSVP Closed
  • Exploring Shakespeare & Violence - Shakespeare's Globe
    RSVP Closed
  • Intimacy Coordination Introductory Workshop - NFTS Online Workshop (1)
    RSVP Closed
  • Working with Intimacy Coordinators - LFS Online Session (1)
    RSVP Closed
  • IDC's Online 90min Sessions - Yarit Dor teaching 26th August
    RSVP Closed
  • Working with Intimacy Directors in Theatre - SDUK online workshop
    RSVP Closed
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